General information

1- Country

Male Female 2- Gender


General practitioner


Health care provider

3- Occupation

Less than 5

5 – 10

11 – 15

More than 15
4- Years of working in this field
Not important important very important 5-How Important is smoking in causing heart diseases?
Not important important very important 6-How quitting smoking is important in treatment of heart disease?
Never sometimes always 7- Do you explain about smoking for your patients?
yes no 8- Do you have experience in smoking cessation?
Yes no 9- Do you have smoking cessation services in your center?
Nicotine replacement therapy champix zyban other
10-Which medication do you use for quitting smoking?
Waterpipe cigar pipe snuff others non 11- Is there any other common type of tobacco use in your area?
Yes no 12- Is electronic cigarette common use in your area?
Nonsmoker exsmoker occasional smoker daily smoker 13- What would you consider your self?

Half pack every weekend

20 sticks per day

At leasts 2 sticks per day

100 sticks till now

14- Which one is the definition of a smoker? A person who smoke

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