Tobacco Prevention and Control Research Center (TPCRC)

ShahidBeheshti Medical University



Starting activity:

By virtue of meeting No. 180 dated 19.5.2007 of Developing Council of Medical Science Universities and according to letter No. 634/B dated 27.5.2007 of Ministry of Health & Medical Education.



We are to make a "Tobacco-Free Society".



 Implementing fundamental and applicable projects in the realm of Health Science specially tobacco prevention and control.

 Collaborating and providing technical support for tobacco control training programs, nationally, regionally and internationally.

 Facilitating national and international collaborations in accordance with tobacco prevention and control policies with individuals,  NGOs,  universities and governmental bodies related to health development.

 Helping national policy-makers in designing, compiling, programming, implementing and monitoring tobacco control programs.

 Collaborating and providing technical support for smoking cessation counseling services.



 Promoting public health by decreasing initiation smoking rate and decreasing passive smoking exposure rate.

 Promoting public health by improving quality of smokers' life via helping them to quit smoking.

 Upgrading knowledge and pushing back the frontiers and promoting public and expert knowledge on tobacco control.

 Implementing and developing research programs in the realm of tobacco prevention and control.

 Training qualified researchers on tobacco prevention and control programs, nation-wide.


Researching Council of TPCRC:

Dr. Bahadori, Dr. Ramezankhani, Dr. Heydari, Dr. Fallah-Tafti, Dr. Jamaati, Dr. Sharif-Kashani, Dr. Sharifi, Mr. Emami.


Personnel of TPCRC:

Dr. Gholamreza Heydari (Director), Dr. Hooman Sharifi (Executive Manager), Dr. Zahra Hessami (Treatment Manager), Dr. Mahshid Arianpur (Prevention Manager), Dr. Shabnam Eslampanah (Researcher, Quit-line advisor), Parizad Sinaei (International Affair Officer), Alireza Mozafarian (in charge of research unit), Behrooz Almasnia (in charge of website), Saeedeh Tabatabaei (in charge of secretariat affair), Nazi Tabarestani (in charge of public affairs).

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Smoking Cessation IVR:  021-27122050

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